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Welcome to Stockton

Home of the Tigers

The City of Stockton - "A Great Place to Grow"

The City of Stockton is located halfway between Kansas City and Denver on the eastern edge of the Great Plains along the Solomon River Valley at the junction of U.S. Highways 183 and 24.
The earliest settlers were stockman and their families who arrived in January 1871. The city was chartered in 1872 in time to be elected county seat of Rooks County in December 1872. The drive and sense of community that established the city are still in evidence in such local attractions as four-story Neo-Classical Revival courthouse with its marble lined corridors and steps and solid oak doors and casings, the Frank Walker Historical Museum, the Public Library, the avenue of flags, and the renovated Nova Theatre which is volunteer ran and is a combination movie/live theatre setting seating up to 300.
Stockton is responsive to the needs of business, offering multiple state and local incentives to businesses considering a Stockton location.   Stockton is prepared to meet the energy needs of residents and businesses today and in the future. The city has owned and operated its own electric power plant since 1908. The present plant has internal combustion dual-fuel generators that serve as back up to the baseline power provided by the Kansas Municipal Energy Agency.
The city invested 2.8 million dollars in 2001 in a state-of-the-art water softening and filtration plant with a capacity of 750,000 gallons per day. In 2009 the city invested another 2 million dollars in upgrading the lines distributing the water to the residents.
Stockton, a “Great Place to Grow” continues to show how to provide services to its citizens in much the same way as the early settlers did.